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World Trade Center : The Film

The event that shook the world on 9 /11 was all about terrorism However , Oliver Stone 's World Trade Center has nothing whatsoever to do with the evil that the global public has been hearing about in all contexts since that fateful day . Instead , the movie is about life and the importance of it . While life is perfectly suitable for reflection September 11 , 2001 was a day of death - of the huge number of people that lost their lives , in addition to a way of life that the

world enjoyed . Thus , Oliver Stone 's film about the 9 /11 disaster is a sure disappointment for movie goers seeing that it does not deliver what the public expected it to . The film is entertaining , but when it comes to an event of such historic magnitude as September 11 , who asked for entertainment ' - asks Koeff , writing for The Washington Times (A16

Documentaries have performed a finer task of helping the world understand how tragic , horrific , and destructive a blow 9 /11 was to the American people . Besides , United 93 was certainly more appropriately made than World Trade Center . Koeff has also written that Oliver Stone had the opportunity this time to create a gift for history books ! Even so , the director ended up giving the audience more of the same old dramatic Hollywood dazzle (Koeff ' World Trade Center , the film , is actually a story about love , bravery , and family - the fundamental elements of human living . The story focuses on two main characters who are Port Authority cops and among the last of the twenty survivors pulled out from the rubble of the World Trade Center on 9 /11 . However the real story of 9 /11 concerns those thousands of people who were killed in the disaster , and many more thousands who got out alive . It is also about the price that has been paid by the people of the United States and around the globe since that fatal day . By concentrating on two main characters who survived the disaster , the tragedy is most definitely understated . Travers writes for Rolling Stone that Oliver Stone made a cautious , earnestly factual and emotionally unassailable film ' The director 's attempt is certainly cautious ' and earnestly factual (Travers ' Making fiction out of the 9 /11 tragedy definitely would not have d anybody . In spite of this , it would have been best for Oliver Stone to gather real accounts of many more survivors for filming . Including a large number of survivors would have made the movie extremely action packed like The Day After Tomorrow . All the same , that is exactly what the American public seemed to have expected from a movie about the World Trade Center disaster on 9 /11

As far as the emotions that the film incites are concerned , nobody would deny that the 9 /11 tragedy continues to stir up emotions world over in any case . Reminders of the tragedy are almost always followed up by emotions of shock...

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