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Evaluation Essay

So many people today are insecure about the way they look , either thinking themselves too fat , or having bad hair , skin , or simply just not attractive enough . Of course , much of this line of thinking is encouraged by the barrage of advertisements which portray skinny women and muscular men with perfect skin and hair traipsing around in exotic spots and driving the opposite sex crazy . More than any other outlet the media is guilty of creating a misperception of what beauty really is and the anxieties and problems in society are exacerbated by

their efforts . Celebrities make regular people feel that they need to spend a ridiculous amount of money and time on external appearance , as infomercials for beauty creams , workout regimens and equipment , foods and drinks , diets and countless other means of body modification are continuously hocked as ways to achieve happiness and contentment . Very few outlets in the media , whether television , movies , magazines , or the Internet encourage people to be comfortable with their bodies , even though reason dictates that true beauty is not something that relies completely on external appeal , but rather beauty is something that comes from within and can be shared with others

Beauty is everywhere . It can be in a sunset , a work of art , or in a masterpiece of architecture . There is manmade beauty and natural beauty , and both have unique appeals that inspire people to feel good about themselves and life . However , when it comes to human beauty , we are educated from the earliest ages that it is almost completely physical . The media portrays this in the form of men and women with perfectly sculpted bodies without an ounce of fat , lustrous and clear skin , soft , flowing hair , and a perfectly symmetrical face . The images of beautiful celebrities and fashion models stare at us from magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store . It seems everywhere that the media is telling people what beauty really is , and the effect is severe insecurities in the masses . This leads to pills , creams , hair restoration , breast implants , plastic surgery , and all kinds of other drastic actions in the hopes of attaining beauty . The inundation of media images of unnaturally thin women also has a significantly negative effect on young girls . Professor of psychology and body-image researcher , Sarah Murnen , and her colleagues reviewed 21 studies that looked at the media 's effect on more than 6 ,000 girls , ages 10 and older , and found those who were exposed to the most fashion magazines were more likely to suffer from poor body images (Hellmich . This can also lead the young girls to adopt unhealthy eating habits such as bulimia and anorexia in hopes to maintain what they feel as the ideal beautiful ' body . However , some companies are making an effort to dispel this , like Dove . Instead of images of long locks , longer legs and incredibly lean bodies , Dove brand beauty products and American Girl are promoting their products with a message of real beauty ' by encouraging women...

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