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Evaluating Resources

TV Show Violence

Since television became the ubiquitous component of American homes parents , lawmakers , educators and scholars have worried about its effects on society - particularly on children . Specifically , many people are alarmed over television 's seemingly high level of violence and fear that children who watch frequent violent acts on television may themselves behave more aggressively

Heavy TV viewers believe that there is much more violence and danger in society , an effect that is especially strong for children who perceive televised aggression as relevant to their own lives (Donnerstein , Slaby Eron

, 1994 . As these responses indicate , violent television modifies children 's attitudes toward social reality so they increasingly match what children see on TV . In view of the spate of not only violence , but sex , drugs and profanity in television shows , many groups have taken responsible moves to forward their advocacy to minimize , if not stop these unfortunate phenomenon in television

Parent 's Television Council ( HYPERLINK "http /www .parentstv .org http /www .parentstv .org

Parent 's Television Council (PTC ) has a primary mission to promote and restore responsibility and decency to the entertainment industry in answer to America 's demand for positive , family-oriented television programming . PTC aims to foster changes in TV programming to make the early hours of prime time family-friendly and suitable for viewers of all ages . They come up with the Family Guide to Prime Time Television which offers a traffic-light ratings system with red- , yellow- , and green-light ratings indicating the amount of sex , foul language and violence in TV programs they review . Because of the pervasive and powerful influence of television , the PTC seeks to discourage the increasingly graphic sexual themes and dialogue , depictions of gratuitous violence , and profane /obscene language that have crowded out family viewing options . The website of PTV is very helpful because they have wide campaigns to deter television indecency . It also contains news and updates about their campaigns and various education initiatives for parents and teachers regarding their responsibility to educate children about watching TV

Kaiser Family Foundation ( HYPERLINK "http /www .kff .org " www .kff .org

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF ) has the advocacy to conduct research concerning the relationship between entertainment media and health , with a special focus on children and media . As one of its research areas being television , they provide data to help inform policymakers journalists , the research community , healthcare providers , the media industry , and the public about television sex , violence and profanity Their major research projects include such s as how teens use the Internet for health information the amount of time children of all ages spend watching TV , playing video games , using computers , and reading sexual messages on television how health policy issues are portrayed on TV 's medical dramas what viewers learn from health information in entertainment shows the role of media in childhood obesity and the impact of media-based public health campaigns . This website is very data-intensive and could be used in research about the issues that hound the entertainment industry

Morality in Media , Inc...

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