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European Union-Major Problems

Running Head : EU Problems

EU Problems (Your Name (Your School (Subject


This is a that focuses on the major political , economical social and cultural problems of the European Union . Special attention is however paid to elections and lack of citizen support . The use of government powers for illegitimate and private gains or other purposes comes out as major political problem . It also highlights on problems with taxes , standardizing currency and lack of security policies . A major monetary issue is the undermining of developments generated by considerable distortions and inefficiencies

. An in depth looks at the governments of the European Union and their failures and achievements put the spotlight on the major burden that the EU carries . By studying the book countries and concepts it is clear that apart from surface politics human conflicts are also a major contributor to the shaping of a countries ' political climate . The book looks at major sections of Britain , Germany , China , Brazil and even South Africa which is a break from the traditional European comparative models . It 's an in-depth analysis , critique as well as a study of challenges that face the EU in its quest to deliver its promises

Key words : Political , social economic , currency , policies , challenges and governments

EC Problems Annotated Bibliography

Bekemans , L (1994 . Europe 2002 . Brussels : EIP

The author provides an insightful analysis of diverse issues engulfing the progression of EU economy . From a social perspective , the book explores diverse challenges being witnessed within the EU member states such...

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