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European Art `The Basket of apples` Paul Cezanne

The pervasive symmetry of the tonal patterning is most evident in the imagery that takes up the largest areas of space , such as the draped cloth and the wall . These areas are made to appear different in their overall color arrangement as contiguous patterns come into contact with each other

While the color formulas in the painting are derived from careful and logical plotting by locality and spatial symmetry , the overarching compositional plan is just as apparent . The limited repertory of colored patterns (essentially restricted to cool or warm adjacent blends

results in the creation of a subtle rhythm of chromatic repetitions and counter-repetitions throughout the painting . Like the homogeneity produced on the surface of the canvas by the repeating brushstrokes , the colors themselves are by necessity distributed rhythmically throughout the surface consequently they too transcend mere descriptive analysis and become expressive of an interpenetration of all the elements of this tactile space that characteristically illuminates the objects from the inside

The rainbow patterns of The Basket of Apples emerge from an abstraction that closes and restricts expressiveness without limiting its expressive value , an abstraction that avoids excessive subjectivity and perceptual effulgence and that , by virtue of its non-conventional status , can be said to arise from a preexisting imaginative schema that contains all its correlates . These correlates emerge within the logic of the modulations as poetic equivalences gathered together in the collection of rainbow patterns . Within their range of selective and combinatory tactile /visual relations , the rainbow patterns can be read as a syntax of colored strokes based not only on contiguous connections , but also on comparative connections that can be added to , and accentuate , the metonymies of similarly modulated objects

A very interesting rainbow pattern to trace in its metonymic dispersal in this still-life , makes use of almost full...

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