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Ethnography Assignment



Jollibee is the Mcdonald 's of the Philippines . From a simple ice-cream parlor in 1975 , it has explored the concept of hot meals and sandwiches in 1978 and since then revolutionized the concept of fast food in the Philippines . 1984 saw Jollibee hit the Top 500 Philippine Corporations 1987 landed the fast food chain into the country 's Top 100 Corporations It became a billion-peso corporation in 1989 . Today , there are 600 branches of Jollibee in the Philippines and about 50 abroad p

Analysis of Jollibee 's Success in the Philippines

The Philippines is a small , third-world country in south-east Asia . Like many asians , Filipino people eat their meals with rice and they prefer it home-cooked . However , due to the urbanization of the capital city in the late 70 's and the modernization required for economic development Filipinos had to settle for less than the best : the turo-turo style . Way before the term fastfood ' reached the vocabulary of the Filipinos people in the Philippines had eaten turo-turo style . Turo-turo is where ready-to-eat and ready-to-go entrees arrayed in steam-heated trays , are always ready to be eye-balled by hungry and harried customers . If you wait more than 20 minutes to get your food , it 's not considered as a turo-turo restaurant

Jollibee 's claim to have revolutionized the concept of fast food in the Philippines is probably correct . The company claims that the secrets of its success are superior menu line-up , creative marketing programs...

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