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Ethnocentrism occurs when people judge the actions , beliefs , attitudes language , or even religious practices of others based on their own . It is considered a form of superiority complex because those who practice ethnocentrism believe that they are always right and the others are wrong , bad , dumb , backward , pagans , [or] primitive (Ethnocentrism

People are divided in their opinion about ethnocentrism . There are those who believe that ethnocentrism is harmful and has negative consequences , while others argue otherwise . Those who claim that it 's harmful anchor their argument on the fact that

ethnocentrism does not respect the beliefs and practices of other ethnic groups . In fact they suspect that ethnocentrism was behind the racist policies implemented against the African-Americans in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries . However , if there are those who disagree with ethnocentrism , there are also people who explain that it is only a natural tendency because people are expected to love and defend their own culture - since it 's the only culture they have , in the first place . The truth of the matter is , ethnocentrism could have both positive and negative effects on group life . Let 's suppose for one instance that a community which consists of people coming from several ethnic groups encounter problems with their sanitation . It could be good for the community if members of the cultural group with sound sanitary practices would stand their ground and tell the rest of the community to follow their system because it is the best and only way

Ethnocentrism , on the other hand , could have a negative effect , or could even be fatal , if an American who goes to the United Kingdom for a vacation maintains that traffic rules being implemented in that country are wrong , and then insist on driving on the left side of the road .Reference

Ethnocentrism . Retrieved March 20 , 2007 from : HYPERLINK "http /social .chass .ncsu .edu /slatta /hi216 /ethno .htm http /social .chass .ncsu .edu /slatta /hi216 /ethno .htm...

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