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Ethical theory and legal issues in business management

Ethics and Law

Issues in Business Management

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5 January 2009


Business management is considered an art and science that is developed with time and experience . The main ideas that underlie business operation is increase in revenue and reduction in operations cost . It should be noted that many business are in place for profit and strategies that they develop are targeted at the same . It should however be remembered that the nature of the strategies and the society are

some of the factors that determine the long term effects of the strategies . Irrespective of the nature of a business entity it will affect the society and the environment in more than one way and there is need to ensure that strategies developed are within the legal and ethical constructs of the society in question

Legal and Ethical

Legality of strategies is a key factor that determines the nature of strategies developed . Laws are developed by man to ensure that the society is up and running with minimal interference . Laws are not developed independently for there are mechanisms put in place to ensure their implementation is done in the best possible way (Wines , 2006 Business entities will go out of their way to ensure that strategies that they develop are as per laws that define operations in their environment and therefore avoid penalties that come with illegal operations . It should be noted that the legal aspects bring about differential modes of operations . Laws...

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