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4. Ethical Worksheet - Prosecutors

"ETHICAL WORKSHEET "copyright Thomas H . Bivins , 2000 with modifications by Coleen M . Cusack , 2003 "STUDENT NAME : Koorosh Moshtahedian "1 . What is the ethical issue / problem ? Define in one or two sentences "In to charge the husband with the misdemeanor , driving under the influence (DUI , the officers needed to have seen him driving prior to failing a sobriety test . However , in the original report , the officers stated that they saw him walking , but never in the vehicle . In the revised report , the officers said they saw him driving "2 . Most Important Facts (MIF . Which facts have the most bearing on the

ethical decision presented ? Include any potential economic , social or political pressures "Officers Nixon and Rook changed events in the revised , and supervisor approved , report that they gave to Prosecutor Ross Acute . Stating that the husband was physically driving the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol justified the charges that they arrested him on . The fact that the blue station wagon was still warm and the husband had the keys in his possession does not necessarily mean that he was the last to drive the car , especially while intoxicated "3 . Claimant , Obligations and Perspectives : Identify each claimant who has an interest in the outcome of this ethical issue . From the perspective of the moral agent (individual contemplating ethical course of action ) what obligation is owed to the claimant ? Identify the perspective of each of the claimants by indicating what outcome they would prefer to this issue "CLAIMANT "OBLIGATION "PERSPECTIVE "3A The Husband "Fidelity Non-Injury "The police officers are supposed to protect him rather than alter facts to suit their own needs "3B Future Individuals Charged with a DUI " Fidelity "Throughout history , cases like this set precedents as to how future individuals should be treated in the same situation , given similar circumstances . All citizens have rights and they should be allowed the opportunity to be presumed innocent , especially when police officers witness the events as being non-criminal to begin with "3C Officers Nixon and Rook "Fidelity "It is unknown as to whether the officers were in agreement on falsifying the documents in the second report in to convict the husband . However , the original report was turned in , unsigned , and rather than swapping out the reports , the same report should have been sent back to the supervisor for approval "3D Prosecutor Ross Acute " Fidelity "Prosecutor Ross Acute recognizes that there are two different versions of the report that can drastically change the outcome for the husband . It is his duty to correct the wrongs and take the original report into consideration over the revised copy "3E The General Public within this Jurisdiction " Fidelity Non-Injury Justice "Law enforcement and prosecution is in place as a means to protect the general public and uphold the laws that have been set forth for the citizens who commit crimes or are charged with committing crimes in their jurisdiction "OBLIGATIONS "FIDELITY : Did the moral agent enter into a contract (express or implied , make a promise...

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