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Paper Topic:

Ethical Memo

p Running Head : ETHICAL MEMO

: Ethical Memo






Date : 14th March 2009

RE : Ethical Issues

It 's to the attention of the company that there is an Ethical Dilemma regarding sales of minifying glass which is one of our products . There are business norms which are in conflict for the intended use of the glasses and how they are being used by the society is a matter of concern to the company (Ramazani , 2009 . We shall need to develop positive organization

cultures which include beliefs , behaviors , and values which shall improve morale in staff and customer satisfaction Unethical behavior which goes on unnoticed often leads to breaking of the law . By implement ethics programs , ethical issues and violations will be detected early and they are addressed or reported . It shall be considered a criminal act if an actual or potential violation which is detected is not reported to appropriate authority for action

To lead such an organization I would ensure that the right things are being done and I would be able to achieve this by introducing appraisal methods to reword those who adhere most to the set rule so as to motivate the rest . I shall ensure that value which guide behaviors are identified and prioritized and establish policies and procedures which ensure the behaviors are conducted . Failure to comply with the policy will lead to disciplinary action such that there is a gap between organization culture and actual practice which has ethical and...

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