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Paper Topic:

Ethical Issues in Work Groups

Running head : Psychology

Ethical Issues in Work Groups






Ethical Issues in Work Groups a group leaders questionable intervention in ACA Ethical Standards Casebook

Therapeutic pressure , unlike undue pressure , enables members of a group to help each other discover their individual answers without pressurizing them to accept the answers deemed appropriate by the group Group thinking enhances unanimity , mental efficiency and moral judgement that are appropriate which each person (William , 1995 . In the first five sessions , the leader acted ethically since he

provided ample time to explore the views , fears , expectations and interpersonal relationships of the members . He also told them about the risks of potential changes that may occur after the session and assessed their preparedness

However , the leader failed the ethical test in the sixth session by asking Kevin to develop romantic feelings towards Lydia yet she was not his partner (Jameson , 2001 . Kevin had already confessed that it was against his religious convictions and commitment on monogamous relationship . He failed to respect Kevin 's values and imposed his own belief on the client

If I was Ryan 's co-leader , I would have delayed the role-play experiment until such a time when we could have gathered enough information that does not compromise the values of each individual . In addition , giving Kevin an ultimatum to complete his assignment was undue pressure since it conflicted with his values and the duties he was given (Herlihy Corey , 2005 . Although a group leader might have been faced with...

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