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Ethical Formalism vs. Ethical Consequentialism

Ethical Consequentialism : The moral worth of an action can be determined by the consequent of such action , in other words , an action is either right or wrong depending on its consequent . By this it promotes and protects human welfare . For instance , if an individual is left with a choice of saving about ten lives at the expense of a life , to the ethical consequentialism it is morally alright since the effect of ten lives is more that a life , but it is morally wrong to kill in formalism Whereas for the ethical formalism

it believes that the consequence of a particular action is not important in knowing if it is write of wrong but the intrinsic value of such action , i .e . the character of such action for instance it is our moral duty to say the truth under any circumstance even if the person who was sent to kill such individual is around


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