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Ethical Dilemmas in Police Work

Running Head : Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical Dilemmas in Police Work

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Ethical Dilemmas in Police Work


The world renowned encyclopedia , Wikipedia , describes an ethical dilemma as a situation that will often involve an apparent conflict between moral imperatives , in which to obey one would result in transgressing another . This is also called an ethical paradox since in moral philosophy paradox plays a central role in ethics debates

The ethics textbooks used for years present the lifeboat , and the fat man in the cave

examples . The former is a case when some must be thrown overboard to save others , while the late is where the fat man is stick in the entrance and must be killed to save others . This can be named as the conflict of the right vs the good . The right should be done However , taking a practical approach , thing would turn out as well as possible . Following is a pictorial presentation of the precise nature of ethical dilemmas

Source ( HYPERLINK "http /www .friesian .com /dilemma .htm http /www .friesian .com /dilemma .htm

Ethics , on a general note , are defined as the moral values . There is no specific definition of ethics . The code of ethics varies across regions and even in same region due to the multi and diverse cultural effect The simplest example can be the fact that kissing a girl standing under a christmas tree is a cultural norm in the west , while is considered probably the most unethical act in the eastern part of the world . These cultural norms and values derive ethics , which over a period of time become stable and an essential code for a society . Ethics , then as well differ from person to person . For a person , bribery might be absolutely unethical in all forms . For others , bribery might be an acceptable norm for getting the right thing done . The impact of globalization has well enhanced the scope of complexity in terms of ethics . Since the former has eliminated geogaphical boundaries among nations and businesses have spread all over , it has become essential not just to induce the home country ethics into the business but also the ethical standards of the target nation . It is not possible to induce one of them and remain global . Primarily , because if the western culture is open and thinks the eastern standards to be wrong , no one approach can be adopted . Rather , a mid-way approach needs to be defined that supports both schools of thought

Police Work

Police is the most important workforce of a nation as they are the ones who maintain law and of a state , allowing the residents to live peacefully . Police is a government workforce serving the nation protecting citizens against crimes and criminals , and allowing a peaceful nation to prosper . With reference to the later , it is important to note that only those nations ' economy prospers who have a peaceful infrastructure . This is one feature that highly attracts foreign investments , as it gives more of...

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