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Essay on how the issue of male dominance is handled in `A Rose For Emily` by William Faulkner and the `Trifles` by Susan Glaspell. And how do women show their resistance.





Male Dominance vs . Female Resistance

Susan Glaspell 's Trifles ' and William Faulkner 's A Rose for Emily ' contain similar insights with regards to the relationship and gap of the male and female sexuality . Both stories communicate a symbolic representation of male dominance in the society and the possible resistance of females . Both utterly imply the complication brought about by gender-related inequalities and stereotypes

The two stories , despite the gender differences of the authors , portray similar themes of murder and loneliness . In Trifles , Mrs . Wright

was accused to have murdered her husband John Wright for motives of physical abuse . This idea was according to the assumptions of her two neighbours Mrs . Hale and Mrs . Peters upon discovering the dead bird inside Mrs Wright 's fancy box (Glaspell 204

In A Rose for Emily , after Emily 's death , her neighbors found out that she has been keeping the corpse of her supposedly groom , Homer Barrons , in one of the unvisited rooms upstairs (Faulkner 402 . It was later on realized by the neighbors that Emily murdered him herself because he deserted her

Male dominance is definitely evident all throughout the course of the story . The characterizations and motivations of the major female characters , Mrs . Wright and Emily are founded on the patriarchal ascendancy which is evident in their life . John Wright 's dominance over his wife may not have been described in the play , yet we have Hale 's the sheriff 's and the county attorney 's manly remarks...

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