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Ergonomics with Hand & Portable Power Tools

Ergonomics with Hand and Power Tools

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Ergonomics is the science of how humans or specifically the workers `fit ' a specific tasks or process , equipment , and desired information The practice of the principles of ergonomics may be manifested in the form of procedures to perform specific task or may be an innovation of the equipment or tools to ease how it is being used . Portable hand and power tools are one of the equipment that ergonomics can

be applied with . A brief history of the evolution of hand and power tools is discussed in association with the application of ergonomics in terms of changes in materials and construction . The related hazards are determined so that the necessary ergonomic recommendations are given The hand and portable power tools are utilized by the different categories of user : the professional users , the itinerary users , and the one who uses it without any experiences at all . Different innovations on hand and portable power tools are also given . In using hand and portable power tools , the applications of the principles of ergonomics are of outmost importance to ensure the safety of the users so that the necessary output can be achieved . Table of Contents

Introduction . 4

TOC \t "APA Heading 1 ,1 ,APA Heading 5 ,1 ,APA Heading 2 ,2 ,APA Heading 3 ,3

Domains of Ergonomics .4

Five Aspects of Ergonomics . 5

History . 6

Ergonomics Applied to Hand and Power Tools . 8


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