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Mario Vargas


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Eragon The Movie vs . Eragon The Novel


People have different views in life . Some would opt to wallow with the beauty of words and the power of the imagination , while others would opt for movies and witness the wonders of visual effects . Some of the stories made turn out to be inspirations for many , while others become a driving force for people to go on and continue with life . One of the most interesting stories in Literature is Eragon . Due to

the story and the lessons that both children and adults would learn , the novel was adapted as a movie into the big screen . However , I believe that the novel version of Eragon is still better than the movie version


The story revolves around a young boy , named Eragon , who grew up in a small farm in Carvahall together with his uncle and cousin . During one of his hunting trips in the mountains , he found a big blue stone . The stone attracted him greatly , and Eragon thought that if sold in the city , the stone would be enough to suffice for their winter needs Unknown to Eragon , the blue stone was actually a dragon egg , ready to hatch . Since care for dragons was prohibited by the king , Eragon had no choice but to secretly raise the poor animal , naming her Saphira Eventually , they were haunted down by the king 's men and had no choice but to flee the village...

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