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Environmental hazards


Environmental Hazards

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This report is hardly exhaustive , yet it does cover some of the daily elements of environmental hazards . The surprising element of this report is the lack of general knowledge of these hazards by the general public I have covered five areas that can be seen as common place events . The information contained herein is intended for the inquisitive mind concerning the hazards found in the workplace , accident preventative measures in industry , urban lifestyle hazards , and natural phenomena for

br which the general public is unprepared . I conclude with the nuclear industry and its relation to mutated bacterial virus

Natural Hazards

Hurricanes have made the news in the past few years , especially in America , with the most devastating being Katrina that leveled Louisiana 's southern coastline . The devastation repercussions are still being felt even though it has been nearly two years since it struck New Orleans . In 2006 there were twenty-one names reserved for hurricanes from the Atlantic Ocean and twenty-four names for storms from the Eastern North Pacific Ocean . Of these names nine were used for storms from the Atlantic , but eighteen of twenty four names were used for storms from the North Pacific (2006 Hurricane Season , 2007 . Two of these were category five hurricanes , but the force behind these storms were in no way comparable to Katrina

Erin , a hurricane in 1995 caused minimal damage to residents , but according to the case study done on Erin is a good example of how quickly a tropical storm can develop into a hurricane (Hurricane Erin March 12 , 1998 . No one died in this storm , but the case study showed that six people lost their lives due to the effects of Erin on inland waters . This clearly shows some of the elements that cause storms to become hurricanes


Hurricanes begin their developmental stages in the tropic . Atlantic hurricanes are birthed from thunderstorms around Africa 's west coast Winds from the equator mix with warm water conditions to create the instability needed for a potential hurricane . About .com gives the following information concerning this mixture of warm water and winds from the equator

Converging winds near the surface of the water collide , pushing more water vapor upward , increasing the circulation of warm air , and accelerating the speed of the wind . At the same time , strong winds blowing steadily at higher altitudes pull the rising warm air away from the storm 's center and send it swirling into the hurricane 's classic cyclone pattern (What Causes Hurricanes , 2007

The devastation left in the path of a hurricane was never for explicit to America until Katrina . The environmental issues ranged from the destruction of roadways which hindered would-be rescuers from reaching the stranded people still in New Orleans after Katrina . To add to the problem of rescue , the water that rose in the city due to rain and oceanic surges was mixed with the city 's sewer water to create bacteria that endangered everyone...

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