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How knowing English can help people

How Knowing English can Help People

English language is one of the major languages in the world . With over 380 million people speaking the language as a first language and another 470 million people speaking it as their second language , it remains one of the six dialects endorsed by the United Nations

Knowledge of English places you at an advantage as it affords you the opportunity to communicate with several people around the world . You can also transact business with several people . For instance , if you knowledge of English , you can transact

business with someone in any country as long as that person speaks English too . In addition to this you have access to more information on the web , published books journals etc . this makes learning easier and better

Furthermore , knowledge of English affords you the opportunity to be a global person . For instance , you can travel to more places around the world and participate in several events like arts exhibitions , fashion shows and so on . Apart from this , you can share your views about global issues by participating on blogs and online discussions . For example , if you are an African , you can help reconstruct the image of your country by giving the right information about issues in your area

Making friends is easier when you have knowledge of English . For example , you can make friends around the world by chatting on messengers like yahoo messenger . So many people have developed friendships on the web by communicating with a universal language

With knowledge in English , life becomes better and learning becomes easier . You become a global person , making your voice heard . This fosters unity in diversity


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