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English - Narration & textual analysis

Maya Angelou 's Champion of the World and Amy Tan 's Fish Cheeks both deal with racial differences within America . Angelou 's piece presented what it was like for African-Americans during a significant event in the middle of the apartheid - the bout between Joe Louis , the World Champion , and his white contender . Through the use of two narrators Angelou was able to shift the focus , which caused the reader to be more involved in the story . Making use of the radio commentator as the narrator , she gave the reader a sense of what

the audience felt as the fight unfolded , blow by blow . By shifting to her own voice as the narrator , she put these reactions into perspective , and tied them together with the realities that her people experienced . Through this she was able to effectively construct a parallel comparison using the boxing match as a metaphor representing her people 's struggles and frustrations in the apartheid . Here , Louis was the symbol of hope for demoralized blacks across America . These people were not treated equally . In fact , they were considered to be only a little higher than apes (Angelou ,

. 95 . Louis ' victory in the match would prove their oppressors wrong . This one man , whether he liked it or not , was fighting for all of them

Angelou 's portrayal of her people while listening to the match also reflected the conditions they were forced to live under . With dialogue such as , That white man don 't mind hugging that niggah...

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