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English Literature

In this paper I 'm going to compare and contrast the poems To a Daughter Leaving Home ' by Linda Pastan and At the San Francisco Airport ' by Yvor Winters . Linda Pastan is one of the most notable contemporary poets and a winner of numerous literary awards . Yvor Winters is among the most influential poets of the mid-twentieth century , and his contribution is associated with the transition from Romanticism to modernism and artistic rationalism . Both To a Daughter Leaving Home ' and At the San Francisco Airport ' have much in common and address the

same theme , but I would like to concentrate on numerous contrasts between the two poems

First of all the difference exists in the form of the two poems . Winters uses closed form

the rhyme scheme for At the San Francisco Airport ' is ABABA . Let me illustrate my thesis with an example from the text : And you are here beside me , small /Containted and fragile , and intent /On things that I but half recall- /Yet going whither you are bent /I am the past , and that is all ' As for To a Daughter Leaving Home , it is a beautifully written example of blank verse , and no particular rhyme pattern or meter is evident : When I taught you /at eight to ride /a bicycle , loping along /beside you /as you wobbled away /on two round wheels ' The choice of the opened form makes the reader feel that the author is contemplating about her feelings and memories . I can 't help noticing the stream of consciousness ' technique , skilfully used by Linda Pastan in this verse to reproduce the atmosphere of reminiscence

The second step I would like to take in contrasting the poems by Winters and Pastan is to analyze the imagery and poetical devices used by each author . As for the figurative language of Pastan , she uses numerous poetical devices in her poem . The first notable device is repetition .pumping , pumping /for your life , screaming /with laughter ' The usage of symbols is also present . The handkerchief vividly communicates the notion of a farewell : handkerchief waving /goodbye ' Another literary device used by Pastan is apostrophe . This literary figure is used when the author needs to address somebody absent or illusive . In this case , the daughter isn 't by Linda 's side still the verse is addressed to her . And now it 's high time to explore literary devices used by Yvor Winters . The poem is noticed for its explicit symbolism Here , the airport symbolizes farewell : Great planes are waiting in the yard /They are already in the night ' The very fact that the planes are great ' clearly indicates that great accomplishments are waiting for the girl . Another important symbol is light as contrasted to darkness The author writes : And I remain in light and stare /In light , and nothing else , awake ' Maybe , this is the light of wisdom maybe , this is the light of love , care and commitment . The symbol that unites both poets is the symbol of the journey...

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