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English Final Exam

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MID 270

December 8 , 2008

Final Exam

1 . Why do you want to teach in the middle school

Teaching is more than a job or even a career to me . For me , teaching and especially working with middle school aged children , is more of a vocation and a calling . Middle school aged children are a particularly wonderful , and particularly different type of challenge that I feel passionately about . I believe I learned some of the most important character attributes I value during

my middle school years , and I remember those teachers for their interest in me , their ability to challenge me in exciting new ways , and for the way in which they set a foundation for all other academic pursuits during those years that has never left me

I believe I have the knowledge , passion and talent to be a great middle-school teacher . I want to continue the legacy passed to me by my teachers in school to a new generation . I want to support students as they bridge the years between elementary foundations and high school independent critical thinking by encouraging them to begin to think about learning as their own , to take initiative in their education , and to guide them through some rough waters in the preteen and early teen years . Middle school can be an awful time for many children , but I believe it can also set the tone for years to come , and I feel very strongly about...

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