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Energy Conservation Methods


Energy Conservation Methods (Your Name (Your School



With the growing technology in the world , the demand for energy has continued to rise . Energy crises have resulted to a massive loss of revenues and destruction of the economy . The world is heading to another energy crisis as the barrel of crude oil hit a record high of more than 120 . The world is becoming more energy insecure and the economy is threatened unless there are serious measures that will be taken in

the use of energy

Energy conservation is one of the most used practices that can help to reduce the level of energy insecurity in the world . Energy conservation is the practice of decreasing the energy used . It involves the efficient use of energy in a way that will lead to use of less energy to achieve similar outcomes . It is an integrated approach to the use of energy which ensure that there is financial , environment , national and personal security , and human comfort in the use of energy

Energy conservation is important since it leads to reduced use of energy in achieving similar results . It helps to reduce the overall cost of energy and promote energy security . This in turn leads to social economic , and environmental security . It is an important component of the energy policy that helps to achieve reduced per capita demand of energy . This is important in offsetting growth of energy demand in any population . It is an important component of sustainable development

Non renewable and renewable energy

Renewable and non renewable energy are the two broad forms of energy Non renewable energy is a form of energy that cannot be reused again or that cannot be recycled . It is the energy that comes from underground resource like liquids , gas and other solids like coal . Crude oil , coal and natural gas are the two broad forms non renewable that forms the main form of energy in the word . Once used , these forms of energy cannot be renewed and therefore they are easily exhaustible . These sources of energy cause a lot of pollution to the environment (Hundemann , 2001

On the other hand renewable energy is the energy that can be renewed in a short period of time . It is the energy which cannot be exhausted not matter how it is used . It is readily available from nature and cannot be exhausted . This includes energy from source like water /hydropower , geothermal energy , wind energy , solar energy , biomass energy , and other forms of energy . This is considered a clean form of energy since it leads to less pollution of the environment compared to non renewable energy (Hundemann , 2001

Energy conservation methods

Energy conservation can take place anywhere . This is because in almost all the sectors of life we use one form of energy or the other . Energy conservation is a multifaceted approach that involves integrated energy conservation measures . There are many ways in which energy can be conserved . Energy conservation can...

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