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Endangered Species Should Not Be Protected

Endangered Species Should Not Be Protected

Protection from extinction of endangered species has always been one of the more popular advocacies of environmentalists . So popular is this cause that any expression of indifference , or more than that opposition , is certain to elicit a public uproar . This intends to argue against the protection of endangered species , citing three supporting arguments (1 ) protection is against evolutionary theory (2 recovery plans are vague relative to cost and time , and (3 ) laws pertaining to protection are biased

With regard to the first argument , the extinction

of a species of flora / fauna is a natural occurrence that is necessary for the maintenance of balance in the world . Having said this , the protection of endangered species from probable extinction is unhealthy in the sense that it is an act of interference to nature 's way of upholding the natural disposition of things . Such a stand is not cruel , nor is it misguided , as most environmental advocates might propose . In fact , the statement is a practical application of the (in )famous theory of natural selection by Charles Darwin , wherein he purports that the extinction of a specie is not random nor wrong because it is an expression of the specie 's inability to survive in its current environment . This is exactly what is happening to the endangered species at present

It may be argued that Darwin 's theory is acceptable only in so far as extinction due to natural causes ' is concerned . But what is a...

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