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Emotional labour should be recognised and rewarded as skilled work. Discuss this statement.

Emotional labour should be recognized and rewarded as skilled work

In my essay I will focus on the concept of emotional labour and emotion management as a broader notion . In particular , my discussion will focus on two points : whether emotional labour can be recognized as a skilled work and should emotional labour be rewarded . The discussion will be structured in the following way : the first half of the essay will be dedicated to the point of rewarding emotional labour . To uncover this point properly I will define the terms : emotional labour , emotional

work . The discussion here will be based on the suggested definition of emotional labour that already implies the aspect of been paid or rewarded . This aspect , among other things , is important in differentiating between emotional labour and emotion work . Also I will discuss what may happen if emotional labour is not rewarded . The second part of my essay will ponder over the skills that are needed to perform emotional labour . My argumentations here will be supported by the studies of different professions presented by distinguished scholars Finally , I will have enough bases to say whether emotional labour should be recognized as skilled work and what particular skills are required for emotional labour . At the end of the discussion I will summarize and analyze the findings

Part 1 . Should emotional labour be rewarded

The current knowledge of emotional labour is based on many studies in service oriented jobs , exploring how the organizations shape , drive and enforce certain emotions . Thus , for example , emotional labour as a construct of the employee- customer interaction was studied by Rafaeli and Sutton (1990 ) in the occupation of retail clerks , by Hochschild (1983 ) in the work of flight attendants , by Leidner (1991 ) in the work of fastfood employees , by Gimlin (1996 ) in the work of hairdressers and so on . Other studies were dedicated to academics (Bellas , 1999 barristers (Harris , 2000 , and paralegals (Lively , 2000

Hochschild (1983 ) in the research the Managed Heart views emotional labour as the management of emotions aimed to create desired emotional states for financial gain . Nowadays , we face the situations where market sector employs emotion management for economic or commercial gains and as Hochschild (1983 ) points out , special rules are implemented to turn emotion management into a form of paid work . In her earlier research (1979 ) Hochschild notes : When deep gestures of exchange enter the market sector and are bought and sold as an aspect of labor power feelings are commoditized (p . 569 . In other words , in to produce the requested by the organization by emotion , both hard work and effort of employees are required (Thory 2005 :3 ) In her conception of emotion management Hochschild emphasizes on the aspect of self-regulation , be means of intentional efforts to convince others that one feels a particular emotion , efforts that are expressed through behaviour (Wharton and Erickson , 1993 :458

However , other researchers propose the following definitions of emotional labour

Noon and Blyton (2002 ) suggest that emotional labour is the way service employees are...

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