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Emoticons: :Written Gestures` for Expressing Yourself Online


Communication through the use of computer and the Internet used to be impersonal and largely for business-related tasks . With the formation of chat rooms , social interaction in the Internet became commonplace even creating a culture of its own . This culture evolved to include emoticons as a way of expressing emotions that otherwise would have been impossible to show . Emoticons become the electronic equivalent of a person 's reactions that could only be shown in a face-to-face interaction

In business communication , emoticons are seldom used unless the correspondents are close

acquaintances . If they are used , it is often limited to the smiley icon to soften what otherwise would sound a stern message . In chat rooms and informal communications , more than 50 emoticons are available to make the conversation or message come alive A person can use an emoticon for being angry , d , confused sarcastic , and surprised using icons that are already made embedded in chat rooms or e-mail servers . Other emoticons can also be made using a few key strokes

While emoticons have become part of electronic interaction , many people still could not understand their use and implication . Often , only the Internet savvy use emoticons among themselves . In the older generation emoticons in e-mail messages do not illicit the same response , rather they could be the possible source of confusion . D 'Addario says in a research article that the smiley faces , one type of emoticon , does not affect the emotional response of most e-mail message readers . This indicates that while emoticons have become part of electronic social communication , its impact on people would vary . Some people may find themselves understanding the mood of the party , others will be indifferent , while some would not understand


D 'Addario , K .P . Do Those Little "Smiley-Faces " In Electronic Mail Have An Effect On The Reader ? Retrieved October 8 , 2008 , from http /www .macobserver .com /kpd /emoticon .html...

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