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Is Emily Bronte`s Wuthering Heights more typical of the Romantic Period or the Victorian Period, or does it display characteristics of both?

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Wuthering Heights : Romantic or Victorian

Do we read Emily Bronte 's famous novel Wuthering Heights as reflective of a Romantic text or reflective of Victorian literature ? I would argue that it can be read with elements of both - where the two worlds collide . It is a novel that falls between Romanticism and Victorianism in an attempt to bring the two successive literary periods together Romanticism , according to levity .com , incorporates the themes of nature , the lure of the exotic , the supernatural , and decline

of the tradition ' We see all of these elements in Wuthering heights . Nature reflects human emotion , the attraction between Catherine and heathcliff is exotic , the ghost of Catherine is the supernatural , and the decline of tradition is the mixing of the classes and the rise of the underdog (Heathcliff . Walter Pater saw in Wuthering Heights the characteristic spirit of romanticism , particularly in "the figures of Hareton Earnshaw , of Catherine Linton , and of Heathcliff-tearing open Catherine 's grave , removing one side of her coffin , that he may really lie beside her in death-figures so passionate , yet woven on a background of delicately beautiful , moorland scenery , being typical examples of that spirit (Emily . More than anything else what makes Victorians Victorian is their sense of social responsibility , a basic attitude that obviously differentiates them from their immediate predecessors , the Romantics (Landow . In this sense , the novel could be considered Victorian . The Linton family exemplifies this trait . When Heathcliff comes back to visit , Catherine 's husband Edgar degrades her welcoming him , The whole household need not witness the sight of your welcoming a runaway servant as a brother (Bronte 95 . Clearly , the novel favors the Romantic Movement more

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