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Emerging Standards Culturally Competent Care






Culturally competent care entails focusing on cultural based care beliefs , values and practices to help cultures and subcultures maintain or regain their well being . It means providing appropriate care that is sensitive or relevant to the cultural beliefs or ways of life of people It is the process where cultural awareness , knowledge , skills sensitivity and linkages are incorporated when offering services to people

Cultural based care can focus on the caregiver , the care itself or the consistent with the health and illness

. Values , beliefs and patterns of behavior of the person being cared for . The care giver could be from a different background but the care he /she should be relevant to the person being cared for . Health care should be culture sensitive and culturally appropriate

Health care organizations ought to make sure that the care they offer is effective , respectful and compatible with the patients ' cultural health beliefs

Provision of care should help in preserving or maintain the culture of people being cared for . It ought to support and facilitate people 's cultural values or else it won 't be effective . Care should accommodate values or designated culture . Care givers should consequently assess the cultural mannerism of a patient when offering their services . They ought to appreciate that there is cultural diversity as well as the role of culture in sociopsychological aspects of human beings (Rowe , 2000

Care that is not cultural sensitive involves discomforts on the patients or customers . Culturally competent care not only fosters comfort but also trust and it engages patients and their families in decision making . Care givers should understand people 's values traditions , history and institution so that the care they give is effective to the person or client being handled

According to a study a report by Institute of Medicine Racial and Ethnic minorities receive lower quality care and this is attributed to lack of culturally competent care . Culturally competent care works toward improved health outcomes that are patient

centered or based . It can result into meaningful improvement in the health sector . Client recruitment retention and satisfaction are realized . Culturally competent care addresses racial differences age gender sexual orientation and health beliefs

The patient population is deserve as people are from different heritage and speak different language . These factors affect how care is delivered but could also be used to enrich the clinical abilities of the care givers . They can increase their knowledge on how to handle different people from the diverse background thus increasing efficiency

In the U .S approximately 92 of the care givers are white despite the other races comprising of 1 out of every 4 people . Diversifying the nursing workforce by ensuring more nurses are involved from the minority races would help in establishing the culturally competent care

Culture competent care entails understanding ones own cultural attributes , prejudices and biases and their effect or impact on others It also entails understanding the impact of the socio-political environmental and economic context in various situations (Rowe...

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