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Emergency Medical treatment and Active Labor Act(EMTALA)

: Emergency Medical treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA

Specifications : 5 Pages , 9 Sources , APA Style

: language Include the





provide a summary of the Emergency medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA ) consisting of its purpose and history , impact on Healthcare providers and consumers , and areas for improvement

The case study must include at least three governmental resources (i .e Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services , National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) and at least three non-governmental resources

(i .e , Institute of Medicine , Henry J . Kaiser Family Foundation , Robert Wood Johnson Foundation , hospitals , nursing homes . I would appreciate you follow my request to avoid any misunderstanding . Thanks for your cooperation . Nnamdi

EMTALA is statue , which defines the manner , and the time during which an individual may be refused emergency treatment in a hospital and transferred from one hospital to another . It may also be known as the `patient anti-dumping act ' as it helps to prevent the hospitals from depriving patients that require critical care . It was formulated in 1986 by the Reagan Administration to help the uninsured and the underinsured segment of the population . The act however applied to all segments of the population and was basically meant to create equality The act however , may not apply to all the hospitals in the US . This includes about 98 of the hospitals in the US , and hence the coverage of the EMTALA Act would be widespread . Only those hospitals that come under the purview of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS ) or receive money from public funds have to respect EMTALA . All aspects of the act including enforcement and infringements are overseen by the CMS Hospitals can be fined 50 , 000 for any infringement of the specifications of the act . Initially , when the EMTALA Act had come out it was only four pages in length . The EMTALA specifications can be extended for other aspects of patient care and not just emergency treatment . This has been brought out by the CMS (the manner in which the specifications have been interpreted . EMTALA may not only apply to emergency treatment of the patient but also to shifting of the patient to the hospital via an ambulance . The hospital should be able to conduct a detailed medical condition even if the patient has no insurance , in to check if the patient requires medical help (Ascension Hospital , 2007 Zibulewsky , 2001

Any condition characterized by the presence of acute symptoms with some high severity , requiring great amount of medical attention , causing severe abnormality of the patient 's bodily functions , is considered to be a medical emergency . Even gynecological and obstetric conditions do come under the purview of EMTALA . A pregnant woman not able to afford treatment in a costlier hospital due to financial problems would compulsorily be treated , as no time would be available for delivery Once the patient arrives at the hospital immediate medical attention has to be provided . Only if the patient...

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