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Elementary Teacher Interview

The name of the teacher interviewed is Lucila Reed . She has been teaching Mathematics in the grade school level for over 5 years at the local public school system . She teaches to culturally diverse classes where many learners have English only as a second language

The teacher has responded extensively to each of the four developmental domains . According to her responses , the most emphasized domain in her class is the cognitive /intellectual domain . She described Mathematics as a content-extensive ' subject wherein a majority of the input has to come from the teacher

. She claimed that this was quite different from other subjects such as English or Social Studies , where the students can be left to figure out certain lessons on their own . However , she did say that the subject was also all about equipping students to be able to answer questions on their own . Hence , she believes in a standard formula ' that involves thorough and clear explanation of the learning content followed by enriching activities that would promote the retention of the content . On the physical level , she explained that she constructs easy-to-play games around the lesson she is teaching to get students who thrive on action ' to realize that math is fun too She claimed that these activities have been successful in getting such students to participate . Also , such activities help learners who only have English as a second language by giving them opportunities outside of the standard pencil and to understand and apply the lessons explained . She observed that ESL learners are able to make use of the activities as interpreters ' that fill in the blanks left by their inefficiencies in English comprehension ' Lucila expressed her deep concern for such learners and declared that they should not have to learn English along with Mathematics in a Math class ' Hence , she provides measures so that the lesson would be as comprehensible as possible for all her students . She also periodically allows students to work in pairs or small groups . She reflected that she believed students sometimes worked better when they have peers talking to them about the lesson . She concluded that learning is more fun when you can share it ' Her technique is to pair students performing poorly with those performing well to work on a couple of problems . To ensure that both of them would be working , each student would have to explain one problem that he or she had solved and the pair 's grade would depend on their collective performance . Hence , those who are performing well cannot simply answer both questions for those who are performing poorly and end up explaining the answers so that their partners would understand better . Lucila expounded on how important she believes the emotional domain is to the development of her students . According to her , teachers should not only facilitate content learning but also emotional learning ' She mentioned encouragement to be one of the teacher 's greatest tools ' towards helping their students achieve emotional development . She further explained that by...

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