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The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

According to a British report , the Eiffel Tower is overpriced and overcrowded (Paris , 2007 . After all , the laws of demand and supply are at work at tourist sites to boot . The Eiffel Tower has been visited by two hundred million people already ( Facts about the Eiffel Tower Paris . The fact that it is overpriced and overcrowded ' only shows its worth (Paris . The tower is counted among modern wonders of the world (LeBoutillier . [A] universal symbol of Paris ' the Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly magnificent (Barthes 172 . It welcomes visitors

365 days of the year . From celebrities to strollers - all who have visited Paris have seen this grand , 324 meters high tower made with wrought iron of the finest quality ( All You Need to Know About the Eiffel Tower ' Facts about the Eiffel Tower , Paris

Le Corbusier wrote , In every heart , the sign of beloved Paris the beloved sign of Paris ' referring to the Eiffel Tower (Herve 13 This is the symbol of a city known for its love of arts . As such , the tower is open to all visitors in Paris regardless of race , gender religion , etc . Even those who have never visited Paris know the Eiffel Tower , for it is everywhere on the globe where Paris is to be stated as an image (Barthes 172 . People around the world may or may not recognize Parisian arts in photographs . If shown images of the Eiffel Tower , on the other hand , they can immediately tell that the tower is...

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