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Summary : This is a 2-page in Egyptian History . The has 2 sources and is in MLA format . The discusses why historians are still fascinated by the Egyptian history and Culture

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What Fascinates Historians in Egyptian History Culture


Egypt is one of those few countries of the world , which possess the most ancient and long lasting civilization in the human history . It is also one the best-attested civilizations apart Mesopotamian civilization . Egyptian culture was an important post-Neolithic culture to emerge in North Africa

. Egyptian art and culture is distinguished with the contemporary cultures in different ways . Its accomplishment in its artifacts , paintings and constructions is still considered wonder of the ancient world . This will discuss why historians are still fascinated by the Egyptian history and culture

Why Historians are still fascinated by Egyptian history and culture

Though the fascination of the Egyptian art and culture can be dated back to the roman times just after the pharaonic period , but the recent revival of the interest in the Egyptian culture and history could be dated back to the 19th century just after the first modern European contact with the Egyptian soil after centuries . It was initiated by Napoleonic conquest of Egypt at the end of the 19th century

The most inspiring things in the Egyptian culture are its hieroglyphic inscriptions , which are clearly one of the oldest forms of writing developed during the course of the human history . These written records are also considered to be the ancestor of all the modern writing scripts like Roman , Greek , Arabic and Hebrew etc . These hieroglyphic inscriptions are the only way to know about the Egyptian past . For e .g the list of the pharaohs their biography and accounts of important events and political development during the 3 thousand year of pharaonic Egypt is only attested with the help of these inscription

Another important feature , which have fascinated historians and Egyptologists is their accomplished art of building . No wonder the great pyramids are considered among the wonders of the world . Their design their perfect ness and manner of building is still challenging the architects and engineers of the modern times . The technology used for building these tombs and temples is still a mystery . Historians still wonder about the technological advancement of the Old Kingdom , during the reign of which the great pyramids were built . The artwork used in these temples and tombs in another great achievement of the Egyptian culture . Most of these pictures painted on the walls of the tombs make a clear picture of the Egyptian religion and rituals regarding it . These are also the most inspiring remains of the rich , highly advanced and developed Egyptian technology , which no longer exist

Mummification is another intriguing aspect of the Egyptian culture and religion . Life after death is the concept behind it . These mummies fascinate the historians not only because of the advancement of technology used by these people to preserve the remains of their...

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