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Efficacy of Bullying Stratergies within an NHS Trust

The Effectiveness of Anti-bullying Policies within the NHS : An Empirical Investigation


Based on the definition of Einarsen and Skogstad (1996 , workplace bullying is defined as follows : A person is defined as bullied if he or she is repeatedly subjected to negative acts in the workplace However , to be a victim of such bullying one must also feel inferiority in defending oneself in the actual situation . This definition builds on research on bullying in the school playground . and stresses that bullying and harassment imply a difference in the actual or perceived

br power and `strength between the persecutor and the victim . Typically , a victim of harassment or bullying is teased , badgered , and insulted and perceives that he or she has little recourse to retaliation in kind .This definition .is not limited to a predefined set of negative acts . It covers all situations in which one or more persons over a period feel subjected to negative acts that one cannot defend oneself against . Even if a single episode , e .g . physical assault may be regarded as bullying or harassment , this definition emphasizes `repeated negative acts ' Consequently , serious conflicts between parties of `equal strength , or isolated episodes of conflict , are not considered as bullying (p .187

The NHS represents a very important entity in the delivery of healthcare services . And as bullying represents an important work place condition variable that may affect the quality of services delivered within the organisation and to patients , it is but logical to conduct a study on bullying within the NHS

Review of Related Literature

O 'Hare (2006 ) reports that there were about 5 thousand nurses attacked while at work in Northern Ireland in 2005 . A handful of the victims suffered fractures , still others were grabbed by the throat , or subjected to insulting behavior such as being spat at . More than 60 of those surveyed underwent verbal harrassment as well , while about 27 were physically abused (O 'Hare , 2006 . These figures take on greater importance as we consider the scarcity of healthcare workers who are expected to deliver quality healthcare to NHS patients

Why is it crucial to emphasize civility in the workplace ? The cuthroat competition of contemporay organisation necessitate that they develop strong retention factors that will motivate their employees to stay . It has become increasingly difficult to make employees stay within an organisation for long , and one important factor that influences such a decision is the environment of hostility vis-a-vis civility within that workplace . More often than not , employees choose to transfer to other companies instead of taking in such working conditions (Glendinning 2001

NHS ' Definition of Bullying

Bullying is defined within the NHS Trust as follows "Persistent offensive , abusive , intimidating , malicious or insulting behaviour which amounts to an abuse of power and makes the recipient feel upset threatened , humiliated or vulnerable . Bullying undermines a victim 's self-confidence and may cause them to suffer stress (NHS Anti-bullying policy , 2002 ,

. 1 . The NHS Trust likewise acknowledges that the occurrence of bullying within the workplace results in...

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