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Effects of losing job





Cause and effects of losing a job

Every individual who is on the right age needs to earn a living . In to provide the basic needs of the family , one must have a job . But sometimes , people lose their jobs for some various reasons . In today 's economic status , there a number of companies and corporations close or shut down due to deflation and bankruptcy . This dilemma would lead to retrenchment of some employees because the companies can no longer pay them . The other reason

is that some employees are terminated because of their negligence and violations in the company . These will make them become jobless . Due to these scenarios , people who lose their jobs may become miserable , reckless , and devastated because they cannot provide the basic necessities of their families and unfortunately will face economic crises . These crises may push them to look for another job even these jobs are not well paid as long as it can compensate the daily needs . But for others , they will commit illegal works in to survive (such as kidnapping , hold-up , drug dealing and others that are prohibited by our law

But for others , who are discouraged because of no jobs , they might commit suicide because of debts and they are worried how to pay them when they are already jobless . Therefore , losing a job is such a lonesome and tragic incident that would ever happen to an individual PAGE


Cause and Effect...

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