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Effects of group pressure upon the modification and distortion of judgments



Effects of Group Pressure upon the Modification and Distortion of Judgments





Summary Groups influence the behavior of their members , often promoting conformity . The tendency to match one 's behavior to that of others is called conformity . Some amount of group conformity provides a secure feeling of belonging group pressure , however , can be considerable and sometimes unpleasant . Even groups of strangers can foster conformity as a classic experiment by Solomon

Asch (1952 ) showed

This empirical study is a classic investigation that revealed the power of group conformity . It 's always been known that our social world not only involves making attributions , it also involves our tendency to conform to or not to conform to the attitudes and behaviors of others

The story of Okiki is one of the reasons why further study is needed in this field . She 's a thirteen-year-old honors student at a Lorain , Ohio middle school . She sat in class , her arms and legs shaking nervously . In her book bag she had a twelve-inch kitchen knife . Her plan was to wait for the bell to ring and then rush to the front of the classroom and with the help of another student , stab her teacher to death . Why ? To settle a grudge against the teacher and to show her classmates (at least a dozen of whom placed bets as to whether or not she would chicken out ) that she was worthy of their respect . Hearing about the plot , an assistant principal broke up the plan only minutes before it was to be carried out (Gregory , 1993

The fact that young teens are anxious about fitting in surprise no one although many people might be amazed at the lengths some will go to gain acceptance . Sociologists have confirmed the power of group pressure to shape human behavior and found that it remains strong in adulthood as well as in adolescence . Hence further study regarding this problem is needed

Another reason is that , more people nowadays , conform by adopting the social norms or customs of the larger group . Changing fashions in dress and hair style illustrate conformity . I t would have been extremely unusual in the 1950s , for example , for a young man to wear an earring but it is commonplace today . Most people feel pressure to go along with the fashion trend that is operative at the time for their group


Solomon Ach conducted this classic study with the hypothesis that There would be little yielding to group pressure . Hence the hypothesis being tested is that group pressure affects perceptual judgments Specifically , the study seeks to answer the following questions

1 . Could anything persuade a person to choose others` choice other than what the person

have selected is the correct choice

2 . Do opinions of the majority have an extremely powerful influence on an individual

Type of research

A controlled experiment was conducted by Asch in his famous study . The controlled...

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