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Paper Topic:

the Effects of Information and Communication Technologies on the SIZE and STRENGTH of Social Networks

Running head : ICT impact on social networks size and strengths

11th November 2007-11-12

Author : Ahmad Al-shareef

University of

A case study on the impacts of information technology on the social networks , implications and subsequent decline of social interaction and a comprehensive approach to diversity of ICT dynamism in cyber-social networks

Table of contents


Overview on ICT impact on social networks

What is the impact of ICT social networks size and strengths

Social networks

Traditional and electronic social groups

How social networks have changed with emergence

of ICT

Role of ICT on social networks

The debate of ICT impact on size and strength of social networks


i- Introduction

Information technology has formed the backbone of socio-economic progression . It has opened the social condensation and propelled communication and business progress to higher performance and productivity levels . However there are various implications on the society that are being looked at as checks and balances in this advancement . The hypothetical position on social networks as within the dimensional and convectional implications is that , ICT has reduced the strength of social networks as well as the strengths of the social networks . The overall and the subsequent repercussion is condensation of the social integration and incubating social diversity into a less dynamic society due to lack of social networks

Overview on ICT impact on social networks

A debate has come up on this hypothetical implication on the social networks and how social integration can be reconstructed and strengthened again . According to various research attributes and findings on implications of ICT diversity in the society is mainly based on disintegration of social networks . Andreina M (2002 ) points out that information technology has become an important tool in the society . She argues that the impacts of the internet on sociability are more diverse People with lower social skills are negatively affected by ICT developments . These assertion project ICT as a key element social network disintegration . Social networks , according to Andreina , M bring together people of different sorts and helps bond society constituents

What is the impact of ICT on social networks size and strength

The hypothetical argument of ICT disintegrating size and strength of social networks is based on the diversity of ICT . Alan N John

, R (2002 ) point out that ICT is revolutionary . This makes its implications on social networks vilified

Current social-economic views on social networks and ICT Alan N John

, R (2002 ) further argue that ICT is a major historical event . At individual level , the revolution might be related to the social impact of IT , in terms of new ways of relating to other people and maintaining social contacts . The behavioural impacts of two-way communications formats , like the internet and the telephone , i-phone and phone messaging . They are used subtly to establish and maintain social relationships forming new infrastructures that facilitate different patterns of interaction . These implications reduce the size and strength of the social networks . There is less communication between certain social partners and groups reducing social interaction

ii- Social...

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