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Paper Topic:

Educational Plan

This is a Teaching Plan Developed for the Professional People


The Professional People would be assessed for the following categories Demographic Data


Civil Status


Number of Children and their Ages

Annual income of the Family

Occupation of Spouse Lifestyle

Eating Habits



Extracurricular Activities Medical Awareness

Regular Visits to the Physician

Intake of Medicines Knowledge on the Disease

What are the causes of the disease

What are some practices that can prevent the disease

What are the possible effects

of the disease

What are the possible changes in the lifestyle after a stroke

Educational Objectives

To help the person identify stressors in one 's life and what effects could it possibly contribute to the disease

To help the person identify what lifestyle practices that could contribute to the disease and how to modify it to prevent stroke

Identify what activities that the person was engaged to that caused stress and how can it be modified to prevent stress

To give information to the professional population the importance of medical awareness and thus the importance of regular physical check-ups for monitoring of the health condition

To inform the professional population on the possible causes of the disease so that they would know what to avoid or change in their lifestyle

To inform the professional population on what to expect after a stroke and so to encourage them to change lifestyle if necessary , to prevent the disease

To inform the professional population on the possible complications of stroke

To inform the professional population as to what possible changes in their lifestyle after a stroke whenever complications occur

To evaluate what lifestyle changes are they going to make to prevent the occurrence of the disease

This health teaching plan would include the following

What are the effects of stroke

This would include an overview discussion on the possible effects of stroke such as hemiparesis , aphasia , cognitive changes , behavioral changes and the body system function changes as well . An overview discussion would be included as to how these limitations may affect one 's life

What is Hemiparesis

This would include an in depth discussion on what hemiparesis is and how this became an effect of a stroke . A discussion as to how this would affect one 's life and how this would affect the daily activities of the person after a stroke would also be included . This would also include a discussion on why a person with hemiparesis would need a caregiver to assist him , the level of disability this effect could bring and what modifications may be needed for the person to adjust in his daily life The use of assistive devices would be discussed and as to how this may help the person do his activities of daily living easier

This part of the discussion would also include the changes in the social and economic life of the patient and his family . The importance of a support system is needed would be discussed as well

Lastly , a discussion...

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