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Educational Goals

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My Educational Goals

My main goal while in college is to have the best educational and most fulfilling personal experience that I can possibly have . To do this , I intend on taking classes that both are focused on my major and also electives that build on what I already know to enhance my skills as well as classes that will introduce me to new things that I have not been exposed to . I realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

and that it costs more than I will probably ever spend on anything else in my life , so I need to make this count . I intend on spending an adequate amount of time mastering my studies and fulfilling my class requirements in to earn the best possible marks in my classes There are resources on campus that I intend to fully utilize such as the counselors , library , and student center . These resources will help me become familiar with my school and also help me to advance in my major and to be secure in my choices . I can also explore career fields to better prepare for when I graduate and am ready to enter the workforce I have been blessed with the wonderful opportunity of attending college I fully intend to do my best job here and to pursue a degree that will help me to have a profitable career ...

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