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The church is a universal body that is composed of the true believers of Christ . The church began during the Day of the Pentecost , where believers of Christ convened in one place , were baptized by the Holy Spirit in form of tongues of fire (D . McCallum , et . al . The church does not refer to the physical church but to the true believers of Christ united by the Holy Spirit to glorify the name of the Lord . The church is

universal in the sense that it defies geographical elements of its membership . It is local in the sense that the community of believers comes together in a common place where they can freely worship the Lord For these reasons , I believe that the church is an organism because it is composed of people living in Christ and continue to grow in the image and likeness of God

The church is visible because the true members of the church exhibit the characters or behaviors which identify them as the true member of a true church . It is invisible because its members have the inner characters that make her members have the assurance that they belong to the true church . Such invisible identities may come in the form of inner peace the willingness and eagerness to follow Christ 's example . The true Church holds to the core beliefs of Christianity without subtracting or adding to them (M . Pate . On the other hand , a false church has doctrines that somehow deviate to any of the teachings of the Bible . It is important for a Christian to be actively involved in local church because it helps him to keep in communion with the other Christians so they can grow together in faith with the guidance of the Holy Spirit


The principal function of the church is to become a missionary or an apostle of Christ . The purpose of the Church is the "Great Commission that is of proclaiming the Word of God , to grow in the Gospel of Christ and to die in the name of the Gospel of Jesus Christ . The church therefore exist in to have a united body of believers who will minister in teaching all nations , in teaching them to observe the commandments of Jesus Christ and who baptize them in the name of the Father , and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28 :19-20 . The church function is to bring people t Christ by equipping them with faith from which they could star growing in communion with Christ . If people become believers and do the will of the Lord , they will become truly the light of the world

I believe that the church , in whatever form it may have been organized locally has to be more concerned of its function . Because the universality of the church defies geographical elements , true Christianity disregards whatever denomination one belongs . The...

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