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Early childhood Observation

1 .0 Abstract

The goal of the study was to observe 2-3 year old children behave in their natural environment when carrying out their day to day activities It was found out that children develop their motor skills faster at this stage . Children feel more secure when with their parent than around strangers

1 .1 Introduction

The early years of life are crucial . Children are likely to survive , to have less diseases and fewer illnesses , to grow in a healthy way , and to fully develop language , thinking , emotional and social skills

when well nurtured and cared for in their earliest years . As the child grows it passes through various stages , that is , from birth to 5 years . The following is and abstract of a 2-3 year old child observed under natural environment

1 .2 Various Behavioral Categories Observed

1 .2 .1 Gross Motor Skill

These are abilities acquired during early childhood and infancy stage as part of the development of the child 's motor .2-3 year old children is able to walk upstairs , run ,walk ,stand up push ,pull ,carry ,and lift small objects . Small muscle movements of the fingers and hands in coordination with movement of the eyes incorporate fine motor skills Large muscle movements incorporate gross motor skills

For a child that has difficulty in mastering motor skills , frequent imitation , teaching and reteaching is important . It involves the use of feet , torso , legs and arms . Rhythm songs and body movement of large and small muscles help in teaching motor skills

1 .2 .2 Play

Children have difficulties in expressing their feelings through words Psychologist have determine that a child expresses himself more through play .2-3 year old can be likely seen playing sensorimotor play . This involve different senses such as sound e .g . trying to imitate name of a person , movements such as jumping up and down when he sees an earoplane pass by , tactile and visual experiences .2-3 year old can also be seen involved

in practice play . These involves the repetition of what it had been learnt . These activities include twirling , sliding , and throwing jumping , running , finger painting . Motor skills needed for later game play is developed through such practices . The child under observation can be seen driving toy cars , kicking the ball with friends , the child is more self-centered with his toy car or the ball because he likes holding the ball more than he can allow his friends to hold it this is seen as normal

Children imitate adults naturally this inspire their play their . Fantasy play occur at around 2-3 years of age children are real world oriented simple house hold objects like pans pots and wooden spoons , their own bodies , simple toys like balls trucks , dolls and balls . Themes commonly played include caring for the baby , cooking and driving trucks

1 .2 .3 Socialization

It is a process that begins shortly after birth , children need to be socialized well so as to grow as responsible adults . According to Erikson 's eight stages...

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