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EXamination #2

p Examination 2


Name of University

Course 1 . Discuss potential cross-ethnic , cross-cultural , and cross-class factors that may affect interview validity . How would you handle such an interview

Validity , as applied to cross-ethnic , cross-cultural , and cross-class interview , is a judgment of how well the interview measures what it purports to measure in a particular context . More specifically , it is a judgment based on evidence about the appropriateness of inferences drawn from the interview

Interviews are a very powerful tool . Hence it should be handled correctly to allow

p full exploration of the subject at hand , including follow-up questions (which take practice

and skill to develop . I should do the following

I should stick with the program ' and address only the intended , but sometimes , however , an interview subject will bring up a relevant idea that the researcher had not considered or had discounted So I should have the ability to pursue this line of reasoning with the subject while maintaining academic rigor is an important skill to have

I will look for patterns of responses that repeat themselves over many different respondents . I should use the mirror questions use an earlier response as a way to generate a follow-up question . Let 's say my interviewee commented , I like my job a lot most of the time , but sometimes it 's really a struggle 'So my mirror question back to the respondent would be , You said that you like your job most of the time but sometimes it 's really a struggle . What...

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