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RUNNING HEAD : Ethical Leader : An Essay on Ethics and Healthcare

Ethical Leader : An Essay on Ethics and Healthcare

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Ethical Leader : An Essay on Ethics and Healthcare

Ethics , as an area of philosophy deals with the setting of standards in and through which , human actions may be considered as right or wrong moral or immoral , etc . For the sake of clarity , we must state that when we speak of standards , the

most that can plausibly be maintained is that such standards are normative in the sense that ethical theories prescribe how we ought to act

One may say that science and technology work hand in hand to make human life more convenient . While for the most part this statement is correct one may also say that the rapid development in science and technology specifically medical technology also generate far more complex ethical dilemmas than what our predecessors have experienced . Kathleen Sanford recognizes the complexities involved in the ethical dilemmas experienced in the context of healthcare organizations from the different points of view of the medical practitioner , patient and their families . Sanford argues out that varying points of views ought to be considered in for us to arrive at a fuller understanding of the ethical dilemmas which confront us even in management decisions . In so doing , ethical considerations are not mere considerations that top level administrators and managers deal with because...

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