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How have ESPN and other media sources influenced (positively or negatively) professional sports in the last twenty years?

Another point wherein the media has played a positive role in shaping professional sports is in relation to the current global economic crisis . It is rather common knowledge that almost everyone and every corporation have been affected and are still being affected by the said economic crisis . Consequently , sales and revenues are down , and some companies or corporations have significantly come close to bankruptcy while others have already shut down their operation

Professional sports have not escaped the effects of the economic crisis as well . In fact , the number of companies that

provide sponsorships has significantly been reduced in the past years (University of Pennsylvania 1 . As mentioned , this is due to the fact that companies are choosing to hold on to their budget more tightly in to assure financial stability . In addition , since the public in general are affected as well , a significant source of income for professional sports organizations has also been reduced as exhibited by relatively low ticket sales (University of Pennsylvania 2 . The professional sports market is not accustomed to feeling the effects of an economic crisis in a global scale hence , in a way , its survival is determined by the maintenance of a significant amount of fans that are willing to pay even in the presence of an economic crisis . This is exactly the point where the role of sports media becomes apparent

In to maintain its significance during such hard times professional sports are in a way dependent upon the actions of the media . The media is vital in creating a constant or satisfactory level of public interest . If a good level of public interest is achieved , then the public will still consider saving up money in to go to major sports events due to the fact that they perceive such events as worth...

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