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Running head : EMTALA





EMTALA is a right to emergency medical services for those who are not insured and who are unable to pay . This Act was enacted in 1986 . The contents and purpose of EMTALA has been explained in this essay . The three primary requirements of EMTALA , Violation of EMTALA , fine imposed by the court of law , several case laws , cost pressure on the hospitals and the use of EMTALA by illegal immigrants has been explained . EMTALA is an important Act where many people are



As part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act in 1985 EMTALA was created by Congress in 1986 (Trisha Torrey , 2009 . The full form of EMTALA is Emergency medical Treatment and Active Labor Act . This act is a statute that governs how and when a patient may be transferred from one hospital to another when the patient is suffering from severe health problem or refused treatment . This act is also referred as the Cobra law (Jeffery Strickler , 2006 . Section 1867 (a ) of the Social Security Act is also known as EMTALA . It is included in the U .S code as a part of the section which governs Medicare . EMTALA is not a federal malpractice law . The word `Active ' was removed from the official name of the statute in the 1989 amendment . But , the change in the name could not be seen in the official public law . EMTALA applies only to those hospitals which accept the payments made by Centers...

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