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Chinese Modernist fiction is very complicated in terms of imagery and literary expression used by the author , as well as in terms of dual or multiple meanings of the works , but in general they express the mood of the epoch . Mu 's stories are to great extent experimental and vary between purely proletarian fiction and `dialect ' writings that express really deep thoughts through internal monologues and the use of dialogue as a tool of changing the characters ' self-perception or their impressions about their environment (MacDonald , 2004 . Mu Shiying 's prose

is often called New Sensationist (Xin ganjuepai ) style of writing short stories whose plot often develops rapidly , whereas the picture the author has drawn at first remains unchengeable (MacDonald 2004 . The name New Sensationist ' was derived from the Shinkankahu ha , a group of Japanese avant-garde from the 1920s and 1930s However , the evidence is against the actual existence of a group of who called themselves New Sensationist ' in China (MacDonald , 2004 ,

. 797 . Nevertheless , Mu 's short story entitled Five in a Nightclub ' gives a number of sensational experiences , which this essay is designed to discuss

The first scene of the short story describes the intrinsic human need for material resources , the main drive of the business world : Men with blood-shot eyes milled about the gold exchange . [ .] The speculators devolved into brutes . The wind blew the reason from their minds and the steel from their nerves (Shiying , 1992 ,

. 5 , so that the first perception of Shanghai refers to the psychological tension between the people , who have suffered a lot from the adversities , brought about by life . The first episode represents the pace of Shanghai life : a person can lose their fortune or become rich in one moment , so the of instability and nervousness refers to the lack of control over the situation , as if the participants were obedient marionettes in the hands of the powerful and malicious force

The second scene , depicting a young man , scornfully rejected by the girl he loves , also refers to the whims of fortune and more precisely -explains the sensation of hope this feeling appears hovering or hanging over the place where Zheng Ping is waiting for his darling . The words he sent to the girl yesterday are , as he realizes , written to describe his today 's situation : Stranger , O stranger / Yesterday I was your slave . Today you say I 'm a stranger (Shiying , 1992 ,

. 6 Importantly , there is a notable contrast between the first paragraphs in which the author describes the character 's romantic thought , his illusionary closeness to the object of his strong feeling , and his disappointment and sorrow at the end , when Zheng Ping 's hair turned white (Shiying , 1992 ,

. 7

Fragments rapidly change one another . The short passage about a young woman , who has lost her beauty over the recent years , points to the perception of human body as machine that can be used : Youth A - Isn 't it Daisy Huang ? She...

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