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E-commerce (Reoprt and research question )



Every organisation is affected by e-business and internet will keep on being important to many organisations . It has brought so much change to the way business is being conducted and has affected every business in many important ways . According to Trade and Enterprise , 2005

.5 , the main use of internet is to search for information that will help in making decisions . Fundamentally , e-Business is used to describe the use of information and communication to business processes across the economy to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction as

well as find new markets for goods and services . There is a fundamental difference between traditional business systems and e-Business systems because according to a research by Damanpour and Damanpour , 2001

br 16-33 , many firms that undertake e-commerce projects do not appraise or evaluate them in traditional ways

e-Business stands for electronic business . It means conducting business through the internet through buying , selling , serving customers and collaborating with business partners . It was first used by International Business Machines , IBM in 1997 during their launch of a thematic campaign

Increase in technological innovations has pushed major corporations to rethink their business strategies in terms of the internet through e-commerce because of its new cultures and capabilities . e-Commerce is used by organisations to buy and sell parts and supplies from other companies in the globe over the internet . Examples of organisations that use the internet very conveniently include Amazon .com that sells books There is also direct selling , called e-retailing for...

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