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Drug Prevention at Elementary Schools


Drug Prevention at Elementary Schools (student

The need for the drug abuse prevention program in elementary schools rose rapidly during the last decade . More and more schools seek curriculum-based program like D .A .R .E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education More and more third party entities develop programs that are geared to the young audience

The premise here is to educate our youngsters . When educated , they become in a better position to say no ' to drugs and negative influence of the peer pressure . Teachers , serving as conduit , become a

primary vehicle to deliver the strong message to the their students Such programs are usually designed for intermediate level students and work together along with the programs that prevent bullying programs dealing with peer pressure

It is not such an easy task to evaluate various programs that are available to the public and private schools . They are numerous . Many authors of the programs as such have only surface knowledge about the causes of the drug abuse , and they ignore the fact that there are many causes that cause the youth to go that route (Cattarello , Clayton Walden 1991 . Cattarello et al (1991 ) reviewed several different models for the purpose of such programs . One of these , universal intervention , is described as a broad announcement , usually through the public media . The second method , identified as selected intervention means to address selected subgroups like those in a school setting . The content of selective intervention range from alcohol abuse to drug prevention to nicotine addiction . Certainly , different purpose translates into the specificity of the program

Peer /social influence ' program like D .A .R .E . was born in 1989 and for the specific purpose : to train young people in applying positive influence (peer pressure ) to prevent dangerous behaviors , like submitting to drugs . Diffusion of this program was rapid and effective It was disseminated in many public schools positively affecting the attending youth

Similarly , it was invited in 2002 by the staff of Thomas Jefferson Elementary with a population of a little bit over 300 students . The school is located in Sacramento , California . Basic program premises consist of providing information about addictive substances , developing decision-making skills , and training student to say no ' to the negative influence of the peer pressure . The program also teaches students to use their time in more productive ways as alternative to the destructive activities . It is a cooperative effort by schools community , and police departments . The uniformed police officers visit schools and offer interactive presentations to the school population

Although the school is located in not troubled area pf the city , the goals of the program are well fit into the education milieu . It is a common sense that the more youngsters know about the the more resistance they can offer to the negative influence . This , the main goal of the program implementation is knowledge . Role-playing develops appropriate skills that helps youngsters to choose correct and safe for them course of action . That would be the secondary goal . Finally verbalizing...

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