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Dreams from my father

Barack Obama 's Dreams From My Father

Barack Obama 's Dreams From My Father : A Tale of Redemption




Course Abstract

Barack Obama 's Dreams from My Father : A Story of Race and Inheritance is a well written essay about a singular search for identity across cities and continents , region and race . The autobiography focuses on Obama 's need for redemption driven by an romising desire to know his biological father . Barack , the father , was a Kenyan native whose absence informed Obama 's dreams and whose

marriage to his white mother Ann , determined his daily reality . It is a compelling story about the meaning of family , nuclear and extended , and a young man 's pursuit of an authentic self in the complex nexus of race , class , and gender as historically represented in America

The book , written in lively prose , takes the reader on a journey from Obama 's origins in Hawaii , to Indonesia , Occidental College in Los Angeles , Columbia University in New York , and to Chicago where he begins his public service career while learning a few painful lessons about politics . In Chicago , Obama evolves into a mature , self-conscious politician . These years , it seems , prepare Obama to accept his bi-racial self and to receive his inheritance in Africa where his father and grandfather have been buried . In Kenya , Obama discovers his unfamiliar family and the spirits of his ancestors bundled in a series of letters and memories as shared by his African Granny

In the end , Obama finds...

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