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`Dreams from my father`

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Understanding Dreams from my Father : A Racial Perspective

In the self-written life narrative of Barack Obama , Dreams From My Father ' his thoughts and proposals with regard to several issues of the society are presented . Since this has been written before Obama 's political aspirations of presidency , it is not tainted with political intentions . It honestly represents the point of view of Obama regarding racial discrimination and his

hopes of uniting the divided colors

In the said book , Obama paints a picture of his life from his childhood up to his entry to Harvard Law School . He is born to a white mother and a black Kenyan foreign student in Honolulu , Hawaii . His parents divorced when he is two years of age and academically , he excelled as a part of the minority race . He gave his family the dignity and honor as he took on greater heights , especially when he proceeded to the Harvard Law School

Racial discrimination , in the book , has been discussed from the point of view of a person who claims to bear both colors but is mostly associated with the Black . From his statement , racism wasn 't merely the cruelty involved , but arrogance too (Obama 75 . It is seen that the negative emotions to this is not simply because of what other people feels but also because of the...

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