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Dr. Marsha Tate

_Marcia_Tate .ppt The Key Adult Learning Theories by Dr Marcia Tate Customers Name Introduction In the book , Sit Get Won 't Grow Dendrites : 20 Professional Learning Strategies that Engage the Adult Brain , Marcia L .Tate describes the worst presentation that she ever attended . It was conducted by a gentleman who had limited knowledge of the subject matter or adult learning theory . He expected the class to read the slides themselves and he read them aloud to them for well over an hour . Tate remembers the experience well , however , she never did understand or remember the content

presented The main point of her experience is to show that students have a harder time staying focused and less comprehension when they are expected to just sit and get As the bottom gets number , the brain gets dumber (Tate , 2004 Introduction 2 Research and experience prove that students learn better when teachers use brain-based strategies . The same is true with adult learners . However , the very strategies that are recommended for teachers to use in instructing students are seldom reflected in staff development workshops "Sit and Get Won 't Grow Dendrites ' draws on the latest research in brain-based learning , differentiated instruction , multiple intelligences , and adult learning to provide strategies , which will be detailed in this presentation Introduction 3 According to Tate , brain research and learning style theory relate that there are twenty strategies that all trainers should use when presenting to adult audiences . These same strategies facilitate comprehension and retention of content since they take advantage of the way all brains learn best and therefore , should also be used with students . In fact , these methods of delivery cause dendrites , or memory cells , to grow in the brain . They also address all four learning modalities visual auditory kinesthetic tactile This presentation will describe all twenty of the strategies and provide some authentic reasons as to why they should be used to not only motivate adult learners but also increase understanding and long-term retention Strategies Brainstorming and Discussion Neuroscientists tell us that the person in a training session who is doing the most talking is growing the most brain cells . In the majority of sessions , that person is usually the presenter . Tate believes it shouldn 't be ! Participants must be provided with ample opportunity to brainstorm ideas without fear of reprisal and to debate controversial issues . One person 's idea actually causes another person to search their brains for other related ideas (Gregory Chapman 2002

Drawing and Artwork Many adults may not have drawn anything since they were primary school and hence may be hesitant to do so However , Tate believes this should be actively encouraged as drawing during training facilitates retention of information The thalamus (the receptor for information from the five senses ) and the amygdala (the seat of emotion in the brain ) are both activated when people are drawing , increasing both memory and attention (Jensen 2001 Strategies Field Trips Tate advocates taking the adult students on field trips where they can experience real world...

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