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Paper Topic:

Domestic child abuse

Domestic Child Abuse


Introduction : An overview of domestic child abuse

Opening sentence : Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones

Thesis : This research aims at exploring the causes , effects and solutions to domestic child abuse

Body paragraph 1 : Facts about domestic child abuse

Opening sentence : Child domestic violence is a reality and it is happening at an alarming rate

A survey on child domestic abuse

Domestic child abuse is a learnt behavior

Body paragraph 2 : Types Of Child Abuse

Opening sentence : Though there may be different

types of domestic child abuse , the core element is their effect on a child 's emotions

Physical abuse

Emotional abuse

Sexual abuse

Child neglect

Body paragraph 3 : Causes of domestic child abuse

Opening sentence : Personal factors like stress and frustration are the major causes of domestic violence on children

Addiction to drugs

Parent 's domestic violence

Child 's gang affiliation

Body paragraph 4 : Symptoms of a domestically abused child

Opening Sentence : Children who are domestically abused are normally angry and aggressive after a slight provocation

Lack of happiness , fear , depression and post traumatic stress

Body paragraph 5 : Effects of domestic child abuse

Opening Sentence : Domestic child abuse leave life long scars irrespective of the abuse type

Severe injuries and death

Broken parent /caregiver-child relationship

Low self-esteem

Child 's difficulties in expressing emotions

Educational problems

Body paragraph 6 : Solutions to domestic child abuse

Opening Sentence : It is possible to curb domestic child abuse

Cultivating love

Parents /caregivers should learn to control their...

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